Termination of Study

Withdrawal from Study

  • If you decide that you no longer want or are not able to continue your studies, we recommend that you submit a written notice of your withdrawal from study. The notice has to be delivered to us via the Faculty mailbox, the post office, or the Faculty data box (identifier: piyj9b4). It is not sufficient to send the notice via e-mail.

  • Your study shall be terminated on the day when the notice is received and filed by the Faculty. Study cannot be terminated retroactively.

  • Subsequently, you will receive a statement on your withdrawal from study via e-mail. If you need a confirmation of your time aggregate of completed study, you need to request it at the Student Administration Office. The confirmation can be sent to you via e-mail or the post.

  • You lose your student status on the date of your withdrawal from the study.

Failure to fulfil study requirements

  • If you do not satisfy requirements for enrolment in the next unit of study, the Faculty shall begin proceedings to terminate your study.

  • Your study is not terminated immediately. Termination of study is an administrative procedure that is regulated by law and takes a certain period of time.

    • First, you will receive an official call via the SIS (in Personal Data). You have 7 days, beginning on the day of the delivery, to comment.

    • Afterward, you can receive the Decision on termination of study via the post. From the day of the delivery, you have 30 days to appeal the decision if you feel this is necessary.

      • If you decide to not appeal the decision, you can either let the 30-day time period pass and your study shall be terminated after the 30 days. Or you can waive your right to appeal the decision and your study shall be terminated on the date of delivery of your waiver to the Faculty.

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