Graduation Ceremonies

When is the ceremony organized?

Where is the ceremony held?

Getting your diploma without attending the graduation ceremony

Graduation Ceremony Procedure and Graduation Oath

When is the ceremony organized?

The graduation ceremony is organized three times a year – usually in April, September, and November – after the state exams have been finalized. The dates of the graduation ceremonies are available in the Student Information System (SIS) .You will be notified of the exact date and time of your graduation ceremony by the Student Administration Office approximately 1 month before the date of the ceremony.

If you cannot attend the ceremony on the given date – for whatever reason – you can contact the Student Administration Office via e-mail and arrange an alternative way of picking up your diploma.

Where is the ceremony organized?

All of the Bachelor’s graduation ceremonies are held in the Hall of the ‘House for the Professed’ (Profesni dum) of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (Malostranske namesti 25). The capacity of the hall is limited so we recommend inviting no more than 5 guests per one graduate.

All of the Master’s and Doctoral graduation ceremonies take place in the Great Hall of Karolinum (Ovocny trh 5). The guest capacity is not limited. All graduates and guests are expected to dress formally. The ceremony follows strict rules and invited guests are expected to follow them accordingly so they do not disturb the ceremony.

Getting the diploma without attendance at the graduation ceremony

If you cannot attend the ceremony on the given date, you can contact the Student Administration Office via . You have two options: 1) attend the ceremony on an alternative date or 2) pick up the diploma in person. Please, keep in mind that your diploma will be ready for pick-up at the Student Administration Office only after the intended graduation ceremony date.

To receive the diploma, you need to visit the Documents, Registers and Recognition of Foreign Degrees Office at the CU Rectorate during office hours where you will be asked to sign the relevant registry and receive a document confirming your signature. Do not forget to bring a valid ID or your passport!

Afterwards, you have to bring the document to the Student Administration Office during office hours where you will be given your diploma in exchange for the confirmation of signature.

If you cannot complete all of these steps by yourself we recommend that you issue a written and notarized power of attorney to someone who can complete the process for you. Please, keep in mind that they must follow all of the abovementioned steps.

Alternatively, the diploma can be sent abroad via DHL at the graduate's expense.

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